Welcome to the green and sustainable industrial revolution.

Leave the fossils in the past

The steel industry of the future is now: digital, sustainable, and fossil-free. Reducing our carbon footprint ensures that the steel we produce is hard, but its impact on the planet is not.

Producing high quality green steel is not only competitive, but also respectful of the planet.

Steel is responsible for 9% of global CO2 emissions.
We eliminate our impact by progressively replacing coal and natural gas with green hydrogen.

It makes sense for a plant to be green

Hydnum Steel is one of the first steel plants in Europe to operate on non-fossil energy, leading a new generation of clean, sustainable, digital industries.

Thinking about the Earth is good. Thinking about our community, too

The Hydnum Steel project will create jobs and promote the economic development of our country. We are helping consolidate Europe’s productive and market autonomy.

Our technology partners: